OPS/DHAS Visual inspection of 2 x 8.0 MW MHI Vestas wind turbines

Last month OPS partner DHAS performed a visual inspection of 2 x 8.0 MW MHI Vestas wind turbines located near Esbjerg Denmark. We took a closer look at the tower, nacelle and blades. Our Pilot in Command followed a special course in Denmark to obtain a “dronebevis” and our drones were registered under Danisch law and are insured properly with European coverage.

When staying within a 25 meter range from the object we had an exemption to fly higher then regularly allowed. The hightest point of the turbines is 187 meters! Also local authorities were informed in advance and all paperwork send in.

Great to see a flawless performance of both the flight crew and our drones and a perfect coordination with the MHI Vestas representatives! Pictures were taken at an average height of 120 meters under windy conditions.

A special thanks goes to The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen) for guiding us through the proces to get the job done.

This visual inspection shows that we can give full “Offshore Project Support” at any windfarm.

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