Offshore Project Support is a joint venture of the following companies:

DHAS 001     


Flying with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) also known as a Drone, UAV or UAS.

A RPAS is an increasingly popular tool in the energy sector thanks to its ability to operate in harsh or hard-to-reach environments.

Den Helder Aircraft Systems can operate with lower operating costs than a manned aircraft, rope access, crane, scaffold or AWP while delivering superior data and imagery in live or captured formats.

Inspection of wind turbines, windfarm substations, civil engineering structures, solar photovoltaic systems, pipelines, drilling rigs, production platforms, processing stations, cranes, flares and more.

Professional surveying and geo-mapping of the future will be dynamic and flexible. With a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System you can generate data for orthophotos, 3D models, and point clouds in high density with great accuracy.

We can go places that conventional equipment cannot reach, increase safety for your staff and saving (down)time and costs.

Why climb… when you can fly!

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A company, specializing in hydrographic, geophysical & geotechnical surveys. Through our local offices and representatives, we provide our services to Authorities, the Dredging-, Marine construction- & Offshore industry and also to consulting companies and research centers.

GEOxyz utilises its own highly professional and specialized staff, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art survey systems. GEOxyz employs more than 60 personnel and owns a fleet of dedicated survey vessels. Through continuous training and investment in new equipment and vessels, GEOxyz is able to reply to the most demanding requests.




DHSS 001


DHSS stands for integrated logistic services, with the highest safety and environmental standards in place. DHSS is always focused on improving its efficiency and quality of services on a 24/7 basis.

DHSS provides helicopter services, 3PL warehousing and freight forwarding services worldwide.

Our Vessel Agency serves all ports in The Netherlands, since we have established a smooth running network, locally in each port, from Flushing to Eemshaven. We provide complete transparency to our global based clients in all our facets of activities and provide the best service in the industry.

DHSS, one single point of contact is all you need!




Glomar Offshore

GloMar Offshore B.V. operates a diverse fleet of purpose built offshore support vessels, all of which are certified to the highest standard of health and safety. Our dedicated team of talented ship management professionals use a range of applicable quality management tools, guidelines and procedures, safeguarding operations both at sea and onshore.We are extremely proud of our ‘in house’ rebuilds and constructions located at our Globaltic Marine Shipyard in Poland.

These abilities, together with our high standards of operational Health & Safety place GloMar as a strong player in the offshore market. We are in a strong position to provide all of our services on a global scale.



Glomar Subsea

GloMar Subsea is a division of GloMar Offshore an international service provider offering subsea support services to the offshore energy industry.

We are fast establishing ourselves as the reliable ‘new’ subsea partner. GloMar Subsea is rapidly growing and with over 40 years of experience in most aspects of modern commercial air diving and ROV operations worldwide we are able to offer customized options and solutions to every project.

As a division of GloMar Offshore we are capable of offering you and your company the complete full subsea package. We operate a diverse fleet of purpose built offshore vessels, state of the art equipment and our personnel are highly skilled ready to exceed your expectations.