Services overview

OPS delivers a complete package of services

Project Engineering & Project Management

OPS has a strong focus on operational and cost effective project management.

Crew Transfer Vessels

OPS operates Offshore crew transfer vessels from her partner and use the CTV’s mainly in the European offshore wind sector

Offshore Support Fleet

OPS delivers a fleet of diverse purpose built vessels, state of the art equipment and highly skilled personnel ready to exceed your expectations.

Geotechnical en Geophysical Surveys

Detailed geophysical surveys and assessments are critical to de-risking the cost-effective design of marine structures and subsea installations.

Site Inspections & supervision

OPS delivers own personnel for the supervision of their projects. On request OPS deliver site inspections in a wide range of tasks.

Technical Industrial works

OPS delivers for each technical works the right people with the necessary certificates as requested by the client.

ROV inspections

OPS is experienced in performing all types of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) inspections.

Diving works

OPS is capable of offering a complete full subsea package. We offer a wide range of subsea services and have direct access and control of world-class vessels and ROVs.

Drone inspections

Inspection of power lines, wind turbines, solar photovoltaic systems, bridge facilities, oil and gas pipelines, cranes, flares and more.

Rope Access

OPS is able to execute work at height or in confined spaces by use of rope access techniques.

Ships Agency & Port Services

Our operations team works closely with our customers, providing maximum safety, operating- and cost efficiency.

Customs and Immigration

Our AEO certified Ships Agency works closely with Customs & Immigration as well as with all other port authorities involved in vessel clearance in The Netherlands.

Helicopter Services

Getting to work by helicopter is of great importance in our 24/7 industry. To get this planned and arranged, our DHSS team at Den Helder Airport plans helicopter crew changes from A to Z.

Freight Forwarding

We provide freight forwarding services, ensuring on-time delivery of all materials from vendors to and from your vessels, rigs or other locations.

3PL warehousing

DHSS logistic hub at industrial area Kooypunt is only 1 minute away from Den Helder Airport and 10 minutes from the docks of the Port of Den Helder.